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XBEACH came to being in 2011. First Amateur Beach Sports Club Nitra (1st ABC Nitra), thanks to years of experience in beach sports events and sales (since 2008), well knows the needs of sporting public, strengths and weaknesses of other brands of sand socks.

Joining this real life experience with power and business partners of XFER, top Czech textile producer and importer, gave green light to new brand of sand socks. Literally green.

Green colour is present in both colour alternatives of XBEACH pilot model. Green is the colour of hope – in this case, hope of beach sports enthusiasts that they can do a BETTER and CHEAPER purchase than before. On top of that, combination of neon green, silver (grey) and black is a refreshing breeze in sand socks market, while offering both conservative and fancy alternatives.

With the end of 2014, XFER company was replaced by beach-shop.cz in XBEACH project, and beach-shop.cz became the distributor for Czech Republic.

Greatest news for our minor and major customers is the fact that key things don´t change. Both parents (original 1st ABC Nitra and XFER as well as current 1st ABC Nitra and beach-shop.cz) are active in organizing beach sports events. Their goal is not only profit, but also the feeling that beach sports communities benefit from their product. That is an ultimate quality warranty. This engagement enables non-stop analysis and development of the product which is the biggest strength of XBEACH.

Our satisfaction is not determined by number of pairs sold, but by your satisfaction. That´s why we pay great attention to and invest in improving existing models and developing enhanced ones. We do care about your opinion. Share it with us using the contact form!


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